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Pyometra; the life-threatening danger of not desexing

Content warning for medical imagery. A life-threatening infection that EVERY female dog is vulnerable to but is barely known; pyometra. This poor pup was recently rushed into emergency surgery a...
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Being brave through a stick-y situation

This little cat is an absolute trooper! We all know how irritating it is when we get an eyelash stuck in our eye, so imagine something bigger, sharper and more dangerous. This brave kitty presente...
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Holiday Planning? Pet care? Pet Boarding? What all?

The end of 2019 is just around the corner and soon it will be time for a celebration. A time for families to come together and have some quality time together. Families plan a lot of activities for th...
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Halloween care for pets

Do’s and Don’ts and celebrating Pet-Friendly Halloween. When it comes to celebrating, we all want to have a happy environment where we can all enjoy ourselves, along with family and frie...
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My pet is just fluffy not overweight

For many of us pet owners, our pets are just like our kids. We take care of them wholeheartedly. We like them to have a taste of what we eat and like them to experience special treats. In those moment...
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Protect you pets from snake bite!

Keeping Your Furry Friends (Dogs and Cats) Safe It is in your dog and cat’s natural instincts to run, hunt, fetch and chase target/prey. As we all know, dogs and cats want to win over their opp...
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